For summer 2018, we decided to take you on a trip to hot continents and countries— Africa, Mexico.... where the gentle sunlight gives objects magnificent colours. Shimmering colours contrasting with natural tones, plant materials (raffia, palm, wicker), wool, iron and stone which join items made from 'recycled plastic'.
A selection was made at cooperatives, family producers and merchants who have continued the crafts of weaving, plaiting, sculpture and gilding for several generations. An excellent trip.

decoration marocaine
decoration marocaine

Indian atmosphere

India asserts itself in the world of interior decoration

At all times, India has seduced us with its carefully woven fabrics, soft touch, precious prints, graphics, plants and sober and contemporary colors. Printed according to the "blockprint" technique in order to harmonize with the current decorative trends.

Nomad'DécoHome and blockprint 100% India

The team has fallen under the charm of this technique declined by artisans in India on objects of interior decorations, carpets, throws beds, cushions ... To discover on the E-shop Nomad'DécoHome.

The blockprint is an ancient manual printing technique with the ability to create prints on 100% natural materials; jute, cotton ...

The stamp is dug into the rosewood. Natural vegetable ink, one color per block, is used to make a print. The layers of ink will be superimposed thanks to a strong hand pressure. It will then dry in the open air and "evolve" to bring a "vintage" side to the fabric. The irregularity of the motif makes it charming.

Nomad'DécoHome and Kantha 100% India

Kantha is a variety of typical tissues; it seduces architects and decorators by its colors and patterns.

Kantha is an embroidery practiced by women, it consists of collecting pieces of cotton fabric with beautiful patterns, flowers, animals ... The whole of the final piece is slightly wavy. The originality of the kantha is to have a front different from the back, they are unique pieces. Depending on the reasons, you can create an atmosphere, chic and bohemian, ethnic or vintage!

Nomad'DécoHome's advice for a decorative touch "New Delhi"

You want to revamp your seat?

Carefully lay down an AMMA decorative cotton mattress, in shades of blue, harmonize it with blue / black ASITA cushions with small mirrors and throw a linen plaid, for a warm atmosphere.

On your pedestal table, india cotton baskets and INDIA prints are perfect for small cacti.

ambiance mexique
décoration mexicaine

Moroccan atmosphere

A sure value in decoration

Hard to escape the Moroccan trend this summer that dresses our interiors of raw materials and plants where the art of weaving and weaving takes all its value.

Rugs and cushions full of history

Woven by Berber women, Beni Ouarain and Azilal carpets are always popular, 100% wool, with their abstract and unique patterns, they bring modernity and color in our interiors. The cushions in Beni Ouarain, black and ecru, arranged on a large sofa or on a bench are an invitation to nap!

The palm tree, the raffia in luminaire

We love the braided palm lights and the beautiful raffia suspensions that delicately dress our entrances and offer a romantic and sweet atmosphere. We can also focus on wrought iron. Wall lamps and suspensions that play with light creating Chinese shadows on ceilings, walls. Do not forget the lanterns to put on the ground on your terraces.

The candles

With exotic scents in natural and luminous shades, they are a real invitation to travel.

Morocco and its pottery

We put on the terracotta, in an ocher version, "terracotta" for its antique civilization side and for a more summer trend, we focus more on large dishes, very colorful salad bowls! Around the table, there are beautiful benches in wood structure with a seat in rope or leather with natural colors "nude" or black. Unique pieces that will bring a nice touch to your dining room. To decline also in stools of the same colors, to have on a terrace, in a child's room!

décoration africaine
décoration mexicaine

Asia atmosphere

Asia nature version

The trend is to retrain and work with natural materials to give a second life and an artistic side to them. In our wish to share with you our discoveries and to show you that in each of the continents, there is an awareness of eco-responsibility and the environment, we have turned to Asia.

Land of the Rising Sun where craftsmen and designers love to work together to create objects of interior decoration, ready-to-wear accessories that will seduce you.

Discover in the Nomad'DécoHome E-shop, section, Deco Objects, the recycled paper bag, Bangkok waterproof lining.

It is beautiful to welcome your plants, on a pedestal table, on a piece of furniture or placed on the floor. Its colors and writings are all different depending on the country of origin, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand which makes it a unique piece.

This is an original way to recycle paper bags, ready for the trip?

Asia, precious materials version

We love Asia for its art of weaving and especially for the satin of which Asians are very talented to create colorful atmospheres bearing all the symbols of their culture. The artist NIEH-HUIYUNE seduced us by her creations on canvas that she declined in small bags and purses version. The patterns are traditional, they sport shimmering colors, the shape and clasp of small bags and purses Nieha reminiscent of the 50s. We love their chic and elegant, to afford on our E-shop, heading Accessories .

Works of art accessible to all to wear as a fashion accessory or to display in its interior, carefully placed on a pretty pedestal table or an exotic piece of furniture

décoration africaine
décoration mexicaine

African atmosphere

The African continent still has its card to play this year in decoration.

Africa more and more present in interior decoration.

The African culture, with its beautiful bright colors, its furniture in precious wood, its unusual decorative objects, its famous wax fabrics, everything fascinates us of this continent and that falls well, from year to year Africa imposes its style and we like that!

The WAX ​​has appeared in 2017 in our interiors, mainly used for making sheets, cushions, upholstery. This year, he is back in strength in furniture with the making of armchairs and sofas.

The WAX ​​associated with wood, rattan, a marvel!

Rattan comes in small furniture, bench, sofa, armchair, table, it is difficult not to integrate in our decoration. The trend is to associate it with WAX fabrics to give it a little more pep and heat.

To go further in the spirit of Africa

We love objects in recycled materials with acidulous colors that rethink the African continent. To discover fruit baskets, cups, goblets made from telephone wire or paper mache,

In a white interior, on a plain piece of furniture, they will bring a magnificent luster.

To complete your decoration, you can add a Wenda fish rack from Kenya, in braided palm, conical shape, small or large model or 2, woven fans, colorful Makola of Ghana, on the wall, wire plates of colored phone or natural material and neutral, the atmosphere is given.

décoration africaine
décoration mexicaine

Mexican atmosphere

Rhythm with colors

You dream of color for your interior and you have aspired to a warm and shimmering atmosphere, direction Latin America! It's very deco trend.

Our decoration tips:

We associate the colors for a pep's effect

We start by choosing brightly colored Otomi pillows, sought after for their colorful and naive embroidery, or Mayan influenced Tzotzil with geometric shapes embroidered with old looms. They sit on your sofa covered with a striped throw typically Mexican and the floor is selected a rug woven, sparkling colors!

We do not overlook the woven baskets

In plant material for a natural effect we focus on recycled materials that are very colorful! These woven baskets of the region of Oaxaca are available in every room of your interior and on your terrace. In review, in laundry basket, at the edge of the pool to store buoys, or in pots, to accommodate beautiful cacti, do not hesitate it's trendy!

We choose colorful objects

Cups with flowers on a small black iron pedestal table or colorful skulls lined up on a wooden shelf to create a contrast and we are transported to Guadalajara!

We do not forget the CACTUS and HAMAC

The cactus large, small, true or false, it is ideal to furnish the space, its green color harmonizes perfectly with colored planters. Nothing is easier to bring warmth and exoticism to a living room, an entrance or a bedroom. And the hammock? Woven according to the Mexican traditions, it finds its place in a lounge, at the edge of a swimming pool, Go good nap!

décoration africaine

The Urban Jungle

How to create in a few minutes a Jungle atmosphere!

Always rising, the jungle spirit is essential in the tapestry and the fabric.

Combine furniture (console, table) in dark mahogany with armchairs, rattan sofas, one or two brass pedestal tables. Dress up your "plant-inspired" walls, decorate it with beautiful plants to reinforce the Jungle spirit. Regarding the atmosphere, we choose suspensions natural rattan to create a cozy atmosphere and we add some scented candles in natural shades. To enlarge your room, bet on pretty rattan mirrors, Moroccan style, solar shapes, fish or eye, to group together or to align. On the ground, a magnificent carpet Azilal preferably clear! Here we are in the Urban Jungle spirit that gives pride to the green forest!

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