At NOMAD’DECO we like to highlight artists from here and elsewhere whose work we like and whose creativeness and sensitivity have appealed to us. They work with noble materials—wood, ceramics, earthenware, stone, precious metals and quality textiles—with dexterity. We have taken the time to choose a small sample of artists and have great pleasure in sharing their culture with you in our Favourites. If you are an artist and appreciate the spirit of NOMAD’DECO, don't hesitate to contact us to appear in the « Our Artists. » section.

Ariel Jouval

Creator of objects

I had the pleasure of meeting Ariel Jouval in his magnificent studio at the foot of the Alpilles. He has shared his passion for sculpture with us for more than 10 years. His work is elegant, combining materials such as wood, iron, glass and stone to produce superb decorative objects, furniture and lights for both inside and outside. All the pieces in wood are made using Provençal oak, cypress and ash. Go to our NOMAD’DÉCO E-shop to see our selection of mirrors and lamps and, from September onwards, chests of drawers, chairs and stools. Bespoke orders take 2 weeks. For lovers of diverted objects, we loved the bar/machine whose design is based on the front of a tractor which can in fact move!

The Abdou family

Créateur d'objets tressés

The Abdou family has excelled in the art of weaving with natural materials (raffia, palm, malacca, leather...) for four generations. The various members of the family make unique pieces centred on a range of accessories (towel racks, coatstands, baskets), lamps, small furniture items and sets of garden furniture. The new generation is adding a contemporary touch to the pieces.


Creator of carpets

A magnificent meeting in the High Atlas! Hassan showed us his magnificent carpets and took the time to explain their history and introduce us to the different styles: Beni Ouarain, Azilal, Kilim and the famous M’rirt. The carpets are made entirely of wool and have abstract or more traditional patterns.
They are hand-made by Berber women who pass on the art of weaving from generation to generation.
Take these magnificent carpets charged with history into your home. They will be available from the NOMAD'DÉCO E-shop from September onwards!

Sébastien Simon

Artist, antique dealer and photographer

Sébastien Simon grew up in Normandy in a family of art lovers and this gave him a taste for finding old objects and reworking them, diverting them from their context, to produce decorative objects and lamps. A precious flower appears around a fine LED bulb whose warm colour brings a gentle, warm atmosphere to your home. He also likes to buy old books with fine, poetic writing that he treats, cuts and glues with his artist's fingers. The pages have a new life as delicately-shaped lampshades.

Is it the artist's, the photographer's eye that gives life to all these marvels?

NOMAD’DÉCO introduces you to his universe, a cabinet of curiosities in which time seems to have stopped suddenly.
His unique creations are available on request (delivery after 3 weeks).
A mini-collection of objects and lamps made exclusively for NOMAD’DÉCO will be available from September onwards.

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