Braided straw fan from Ghana, Makola

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Collection: 100% natural materials
Dimensions: 47 cm loop included.
Materials: Veta Vera, colorful and braided elephant grass, genuine leather handle.
Colors: yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, black, depending on model.
Category: Interior decoration.

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  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
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The originality of this fan undoubtedly comes from the raw material with which it was manufactured.

Veta Vera, or commonly known as Elephant Grass, is the most widely used material in Ghana; this emblematic country uses this providential grass, very abundant and allows the natives to live thanks to the agricultural work and in particular, the weaving of this grass.
Veta vera is a natural material that is both supple and strong and serves to weave the Ghanaian wicker that we find more and more numerous, as decorative objects, in our European homes.

This traditional craft, allows the manufacture of fans, baskets, storage baskets for the home, and also beautiful colorful baskets, intended for babies, practical and easily transportable.
We had a crush on the colorful Makola fans, practical and essential diverted into decorative objects this year 2018.
Regarding the making of the Makola decoration fan, the straw, which is initially quite large, is first cut, then tinted with different colors, then assembled to give life to the fan to which we add a handful two colors of leather and a colorful straw buckle that will serve as a hook.

The weavers of this magnificent basketry, are generally the Ghanaian women who perpetuate this craft, passed from mother to daughter. They give a lot of delicacy, and personality to this object of every day, which turns into a magnificent unique object.

Indeed, some models may look alike, but they will never be quite the same.
Falling under the spell of their work, we offer you this fan Makola, which sells alone or with others, will give a lot of charm to your decoration, exposed on a piece of furniture, or hanging on the wall, it is a marvel of authenticity.

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